Can AI Make a Professional Sounding Hip Hop Track? I Tested to Find Out

Discover the surprising results of our test drive of, a platform that could produce professional sounding tracks. For just $9/month, artists and producers can enjoy unlimited track downloads, exclusive rights, and no copyright hassles. In this review, we explore the pros and cons of this beta version platform and reveal why it's a great resource for content creators, podcasters, and vocalists. Don't miss out on this budget-friendly option!

In this video I took for a test drive to find out if it could produce a professional sounding track. I was surprised by what I found…

Granted this platform is not for everyone, but artists and producers that don’t want to be involved with the creative process, it might be a great tool and resource, especially when you consider the ridiculously low price of nine dollars a month for unlimited track downloads, exclusive rights, no copyright hassles, no out of reach producers to deal with, and of course the ability to actually copyright the track and even sell it to others.

I should add the web application is still in “beta” so it’s basically version one dawdo. There is much room for improvement in terms of customization options, but I’m sure they will add them as time goes on. Even in its infancy it’s still a great producer’s resource. If I was a content creator, podcaster, or vocalist, this would be my main resource.

Sound Freq verdict: is a wonderful tool and resource for content creators, producers, and artists, and the company is very generous in its offerings. Something tells me the prices will not stay this low for long.


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