FREE E-Book: Make a Song in 3 easy steps using free software! Download it now!

We are excited to announce the release of our first e-book called “Make Song in 3 Easy Steps” totally FREE for a limited time. This one is for artists and producers just getting started in music content creation. With step by step clear instruction, it teaches how to use the popular platform to get a great songtrack, how to use the free Daw software Audacity to record balanced vocals, and how to export tracks for mixing and mastering. It also includes resources and inspiring insights and suggestions to help you achieve your music goals. Includes BONUS SECTION on mixing and mastering. DOWNLOAD IT TODAY and pass it around!


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  1. this is a fantastic e-book very clear steps that I think just about anyone could follow. Kudos to you for making it free. Glad I found this website.

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