“I have no label and no legal bindings.” Grimes says to use her voice in AI deepfakes

Here is the future of music if you’re wondering. Musical artist Grimes, former partner of Elon Musk, tweeted today that anyone is free to use her voice on AI generated songs and she will even split royalties with them 50-50. This is exactly what we said Drake should have done. He had the opportunity to make millions off the AI “Drake Fake” song called “Heart on my sleeve” but instead his label went full gestapo and demanded it be taken down. Wonder if they will change their mind now.

((( On second thought, I wonder if Grimes would still want to do 50-50 split if the song was disparaging and/or defamatory 🤔)))

The future of music has been revealed: AI is going to have a massive impact, and it will become the norm for artists to lend, sell, and give away their voices. The human voice has officially become an asset. This means laws are going to change to protect it, probably this year.

Do you have a good rapping or singing voice? It might just be worth something very soon. Look for a company to start a voice print site soon where they sell voices. In the near future we will have no idea who is singing what song anymore. One more nail in the coffin of the traditional music model.

Meanwhile, NFL legend Tom Brady is threatening to sue over a comedy special that featured an AI-generated version of the future Hall of Fame quarterback telling stand-up jokes.

Is all this a good thing or a bad thing for music and artists? Weigh in with a comment below!

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