Roland drops next gen of its Legendary virtual synth lineup and it’s a doozy

I actually didn’t know how Roland could make their virtual instruments any better but by golly they’ve done it. According to Roland these updates include: “gorgeous high-DPI and fully scalable graphics, refined interfaces, universal patch browsing, Circuit Mod feature (hardware circuit degradation emulation), new sounds, and more.”

More about the new Mod feature:

“Vintage Roland synths had internal trim controls that allowed technicians to tweak various analog components when they drifted out of spec. But sometimes, “out of spec” created a sound that was unique, interesting, or extraordinary. Realized through our latest ACB advancements, the new Circuit Mod function lets you sweep through multiple trims using a single macro control. Along with the Condition parameter, which simulates the effects of aging, you can dial in everything from a factory-primed instrument to a road-worn synth that hasn’t seen a tech bench in decades.”

Get the updates here:

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