Teletone Audio just released a mind blowing drum instrument called Tympo

There are a lot of drum kits and drum plugins coming out these days, but Telethon Audio’s “performative drum” instrument called Tympo is in a class by itself. Unlike kits that are “curated” from existing sample collections, records, and expensive drum kits, the Teletone crew physically scoured Nashville, TN, bought every used drum they could find, then pieced them together in different arrangements to create 30 new drum kits the world has never heard before.

The pristine yet earthy and gritty drums themselves are worth the $129 but as a Kontakt instrument you get way more than drums. You also get all kinds of signal processing parameters AND a full blown sequencer. Tympo takes the NI drum instrument model to a completely new level of bending, twisting, warping, freqing-out goodness. But don’t listen to me, go listen to the demos and learn more here:

Stay tuned for an in-depth review soon!

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