Why I started this website

I started this site to:

1 Share the knowledge and insights I have gained over the years as a musician, producer, and technologist

2 Join the music technology industry conversation and offer my perspectives on products and services based on my 30+ years experience as a user interface designer and user experience engineer. As you probably know, many plugins and DAWs are not always user friendly and conducive to rapid creativity, and I would like to do my tiny little part to help change that

3 Help musicians and producers navigate the massive labyrinth of technologies out there to find what works best for them given the way they work

4 Offer support, encouragement, and inspiration to aspiring musicians, producers, and engineers

5 Help companies promote their products and service and reach their respective audiences

As its stands right now, our web presence is small, but that’s only because we have not yet marketed it. Instead, we have been working ~16 hours day researching, analyzing, creating content, and building partnerships behind the scenes, also of which will help us become one of the premiere info sources for musicians, producers, and engineers across the web.

Thanks for supporting us as we support you. Mark Jay

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